We caught up with Nurse Injector Marie to find out why she decided to partner with KYSENSE®:

Marie Fuller is a Nurse Injector as well as the Founder and Director of ElysiPhi Aesthetics. She has over 20 years nursing experience working within Military Plastic Surgery, Sexual Reproductive Health and Primary Care.

Marie is experienced in clinical leadership, training, mentoring and working autonomously in challenging environments. These skills and experience drove Marie to design and deliver the highest quality Medical Aesthetics service to her patients.

At ElysiPhi Aesthetics, Marie offers a comprehensive range of award-winning FDA approved medical aesthetic treatments for men and women which incur minimal to no downtime. ElysiPhi derives from Greek words Elysium and Phi: the first is defined as “the state of divine happiness” and the latter represents “The Golden Ratio of natural beauty”. 

“The entrepreneurial spirit of aesthetics was a big drive. After working for so many years within the confines of the MOD it was a great opportunity to use my clinical and managerial skills to shape a service for my local community. Aesthetics is not just poking needles in people’s faces! I love the aspect of research behind each individual product and procedure. I love the educational side and mentoring patients to achieve the results that they desire. It has been a great journey so far, with opportunities to meet and support so many wonderful patients.”

Marie says, “I am lucky to have a diverse range of patients who seek support with many aspects of skin care. I offer support for acneic skin types including active breakouts and the effects left from scarring. I am able to support cancer patients undergoing treatment with symptomatic skin concerns. The biggest skin woes for my patients would definitely be treating the effects of facial ageing – loss of volume, textured skin and pigmentation. Ageing is a concern for all of my patients whatever gender they are.” 
90% of ageing is due to UV exposure, so the decisions we made in our 20s (sun exposure, sunbeds, lack of daily SPF use..) can really take their toll in later years. In addition to this, a patient’s medical history, subsequent medication and stress can also be a factor.”
“During consultation I will always discuss my patient’s skin type and condition: often patients are using off-the-shelf products that are not suitable for them. All of my patients are given bespoke advice, recommending which medical-grade skincare is suitable for them and how to introduce this into their daily routine. We also discuss environmental (extrinsic) and biological (intrinsic) factors that affect their skin and how they can make simple lifestyle changes to see big impacts.”, says Marie.

“The recommended age is a very individual decision and would depend on the indication for treatment. For example: the treatment with dermal filler to address asymmetry, or to correct a physical defect from injury or disease may be required in patients as young as 20 years old upwards. Many patients seek dermal filler treatment (often in combination with other treatments) to address the signs of ageing from 30 onwards. At ElysiPhi I approach consultations in 3 stages: Refresh, Refine, Rejuvenation.”

Marie continues, “some people need treatment more regularly than others and this can be due to many factors affecting absorption rates, metabolism and stage of the ageing process. Most dermal fillers last between 6-9 months. Your medical practitioner will be able to assess and advise you on the amount and approximate duration expected, depending on which product, depth of injection and aesthetic outcome is to be achieved.”

“Annually, I would say I carry out 200-300 treatments, but rarely are these one area, I am trained in assessing and treating the whole face and select body areas. It is clinically important to find the cause of concern and address that first, chasing lines with 1ml of filler is seldom satisfying for the patient.”

What made you decide to partner with KYSENSE®? 

Marie says, “I originally sampled all four KYSENSE® products in clinic, the results have been remarkable. The clinical research reported 25% less KYSENSE® product to achieve results comparable to other market-leading brands, and I wasn’t disappointed. This fact alone means the KYSENSE® “Less is More” approach benefits my patients.”
“As a Nurse I always advocate the use of least intervention, reducing risks and maintaining patient safety. I feel I get this all of with KYSENSE®. Patient feedback has been the biggest sway towards me partnering with the brand. At review, my patients have reported no side effects. The products have integrated well into the surrounding tissues and most importantly, it achieves their desired results.”
Marie adds, “what’s more, I have tried the product myself opting for KYSENSE® Extreme to my jawline in a treatment by a fellow practitioner. The absence of lidocaine within the product made me skeptical and slightly anxious regarding expected discomfort. I am pleased to report that the treatment was much more comfortable than previous brands and the product settled within three days post-procedure, also quicker than previous treatments. The finished result at my 2-week review was outstanding for a 2 ml treatment.”

We couldn’t be prouder to have Nurse Marie Fuller as one of our professional KYSENSE® practitioners, as she has a love for all things dermatology, and she is capable of providing support for chronic skin conditions and skin concerns. 

KYSENSE® has been developed by scientists in collaboration with doctors with decades of experience in the HA dermal filler market and who contribute to peer-reviewed publications in HA dermal filler technology and in facial aesthetics. KYSENSE® is a CE marked, quality, intelligent HA dermal filler using advanced technology to bring improvements in precision and projection using 20-30% less product.
If you are interested in becoming a KYSENSE® practitioner too, contact us at info@circaskin.co.uk