Stage #1

A choice of cleansers to cleanse and prepare different skin types:

Glycolic Cleansing Lotion for rejuvenating ageing, dull, rough skin. Salicylic Wash for acne and oily prone skin. Lactic Wash for revitalisation and photo damaged skin.

Stage #2

A choice of four gentle yet effective superficial peels to start treating many skin issues: WOW fusion® Glow – a combination of three acids for dull and tired skin showing the first signs of ageing Bright – a combination of six acids to start lifting epidermal pigment as well as tyrosinase inhibition to address sun damage and  hyperpigmentationClarify – a clever blend of four acids including salicylic acid to reduce sebum production and effectively remove debris and oil from the pores. This reduces the occurrence of acne breakouts and calms the associated inflammation Resurface – A powerful mix of five acids to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin, sun damage and age spots.

Stage #3

WOW fusion® is an innovative needling device that allows the practitioner to create bespoke skin care cocktails in the glass vial using the WOW fusion® solutions. WOW fusion® offers a truly tailored signature service. The needle head contains 20 x 24K gold plated needles, each 0.13mm in diameter, allowing for a comfortable treatment. The design of the needle allows product to flow to the epidermal/dermal junction, delivering quality solutions exactly where they are needed. Maximising results and repeat clinic bookings. WOW fusion® can also be offered as a stand-alone treatment and with the addition of Botulinum toxin A.

Stage #4

Rejuvenates the skin by improving the dermal matrix, increasing collagen and elastin production which ultimately leads to firmer smoother skin. LED light therapy reduces the downtime by speeding up healing.

Stage #5

The Mask by WOW facial® is a collagen sheet mask infused with high strength anti-ageing ingredients including antioxidants and peptides. It is clean-room packed which makes it perfect for post-needling. The transdermal technology allows the ingredients to penetrate the skin relaxing and infusing each layer. The Mask by WOW facial® reduces any redness dramatically for the instant WOW effect.

Stage #6

A choice of after care solutions tailored to your clients’ skin. TripleVit Intense Serum an antioxidant Serum with Vitamin C. Oxygenation from inside to keep stem cells in perfect condition. Sonic HA Bright Serum 20% Vitamin C included with A & E to refresh and tighten skin. Intense Repair Complex a moisturising and restoring complex with shea butter, amino acids and marine extract. WOW facial® is completed with the final product, Synergy 6 NX-Gen SPF 50 which is suitable for all skin types. This multitasking product offers protection from UV, environmental, thermal and blue light radiation, preventing future skin damage.


WOW facial® Ltd offer training as part of the start-up, without training, our customers are not authorised or insured to carry out a WOW facial®. Your training can be carried out in person at your clinic/salon or 1:1 over Zoom. It is a full day’s training, with 2.5 hours theory and 3 hours practical, 2 models will be required on the day.

Before your training, you will be asked to study some pre-reading materials and we will send you marketing materials to help you market the treatment and start signalling and building a waiting list.

Your local WOW representative will be in touch with you to organise your 1:1 training with you.


  • Better pricing on WOW fusion® devices
  • Marketing support
  • Website content including pre-written blogs
  • Social media posts
  • Customer service team
  • Whatsapp support group
  • Access to expert advice
  • Online ordering
  • Free refresher training
  • Added to our website as a provider

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