Meet the KYSENSE® Brand Founder Using Advanced Technology to Bring Improvements to the HA Filler Market

We recently caught up with the female Founder and CEO driving a new intelligent HA Filler Brand forward, and leading the way into the international aesthetics market at pace.

Claire Williams shares her journey from pharmaceuticals to facial aesthetics. 

Developed by scientists in collaboration with doctors offering decades of experience in the HA dermal filler market, the team of International experts contribute to peer reviewed publications in HA dermal filler technology and in facial aesthetics.
How long have you been working in the Aesthetic medicine industry? I started working in the aesthetics industry back in 2012, however I began my pharmaceutical career in 2008 specialising in dermatology and allergy.
What inspired you to get into the field?  I was always interested in aesthetics, although it wasn’t actually a conscious move for me. At the beginning of 2012 the CEO at the company I was working for announced that he was keen to move the company into aesthetics during a meeting and asked me to research a product called Sculptra.
I had a keen interest in aesthetics, and had already heard of the Poly-L-Lactic Acid dermal filler product Sculptra, as it had come up in conversation with a few aesthetic doctors in the past. I was really excited to begin researching the product in depth and after a deep dive into Sculptra, I knew the company I was working for should buy it, and so they did. And the rest is history.
How did KYSENSE® come about?  Throughout my career in aesthetics, I have met some amazing people within the industry and done a lot of networking. When I knew that KYSENSE® was due to be approved I set up a meeting with the manufacturers to learn more about it. It was clear to me that KYSENSE® wasn’t just another HA filler, as it had some very special properties and a huge amount of experience behind it.

KYSENSE® manufacturing process is unique and really sets the product apart from other fillers. I had to have it, so we negotiated for me to become the global distributor of the product. It’s probably the best business decision I’ve ever made.
What makes KYSENSE® different from other fillers on the market?  There are so many things that set KYSENSE® apart. First, the KYSENSE® manufacturing process HA-Protect allows the removal of destructive oxygen, which means that the hyaluronic acid is preserved and more supple, smooth and soft but also highly volumising and projecting.

Another difference is that KYSENSE® is manufactured without lidocaine but is engineered in a way to make it far less painful to have injected. It’s a clean filler without the need for anaesthetic: this was a big plus for me. Anaesthetics mitigate pain, but can increase the risk of so many other factors such as bruising, allergic reactions, swellings and can also mask vascular occlusions.

What are the 3 main differences you can expect from Kysense?  KYSENSE® is a higher-volumising product that doesn’t give stiffness to the face and moves in a more natural way with the surrounding tissues. Plus, it lasts up to 12 months, which means that it gives longer-lasting and more natural results than other fillers on the market.
Why did you choose not to include lidocaine in KYSENSE®?  First of all, I wanted to offer my patients a clean product. I believed that the way KYSENSE® was manufactured really reduced the need for anaesthetic thus reducing the potential for lidocaine related side effects.

In the medical profession, we know that drugs should really be prescribed only when necessary: in my opinion, KYSENSE® simply didn’t need lidocaine, and the people who have tried it agree. 

As a new filler on the market, is the product is safe and reliable?  KYSENSE® is a fully regulated CE marked product, which means that it has been through all the necessary clinical trials, biocompatibility testing, stability testing and everything needed to ensure that the product is as safe as it can be.
Which countries is KYSENSE® available in at the moment?  We are slowly working on getting KYSENSE® into the global market. It is currently available across Europe, Japan and the Middle East, as well as in the UK.

The industry has been under the spotlight regarding environmental awareness, what’s the KYSENSE® stance on the topic?  I have a very strong environmental policy in my businesses and believe that we have a duty to reduce packaging and waste as much as possible. I would love to have a more circular economy in my businesses.

At the moment, a box of KYSENSE® includes four 1ml syringes, which dramatically reduces our carbon footprint as shipping volumes are smaller and lighter. One box also means only one instruction leaflet for four syringes. Furthermore, the cardboard for the packaging is sourced locally and it’s fully recyclable. Overall, I think we are doing a good job on sustainability.
How can you find a local KYSENSE® practitioner?  Currently, you would need to email with your postcode but soon people will have the option to find the closest practitioner by visiting our website