One of the main properties that sets KYSENSE® apart from any other filler on the market, is that it does not need lidocaine: it’s engineered in a way that makes it far less painful when injected. 

The scientific team behind KYSENSE®  have decades of experience in the filler market: they have contributed to peer-reviewed publications both in dermal fillers technology and in facial aesthetics. KYSENSE® uses advanced technology to bring improvements in precision, projection and patient satisfaction.

The Lidocaine Lowdown

KYSENSE® is a new range of fillers on the market that offer new manufacturing processes that reduce the need for lidocaine when injecting. Our practitioners realise that lidocaine whilst offering less pain during injecting can actually disguise the onset of vascular occlusion and increase swelling and bruising. In addition, some patients can be allergic or sensitive to the drug
“I wanted to offer the industry a serious innovation and advancement in HA filler. In the medical profession, we know that drugs should really be used only when necessary: in my opinion, KYSENSE® simply didn’t need lidocaine, and those who’ve tried it agree.”

– Claire Williams, Founder + CEO at Circa Skin

There are three main characteristics of KYSENSE® which contribute to the product being more comfortable to inject even without lidocaine.

Firstly, KYSENSE® is manufactured using HA Protect technology which intrinsically preserves the high molecular weight of Hyaluronic Acid, leading to less exposure to reactive oxygen species this also reduces the need for the hostile chemical BDDE the agent used in HA fillers to cross-link the HA to make the gel more stable, firm and long-lasting. This results in a smooth, supple and flexible gel matrix that respects the four key rheological properties to provide a higher viscosity, higher volumising and projection power and lower the risk of migration with good aesthetic outcomes to achieve high patient satisfaction.  
Added to this there’s the expertise of the manufacturer, Kylane, in developing and optimising the extrusion force of KYSENSE®. Thanks to this optimisation the product is easy to inject yet controlled and smooth to avoid dilaceration of the tissues, which in turn results in less pain, inflammation, swelling and bruising.  Since lidocaine can contribute to swelling and bruising, it simply didn’t make sense to add it in.  

Finally, the TSK-
HCP needles used for injecting KYSENSE® are the sharpest ones on the market, and they are super thin. The hard polymer HPC advanced hub improves flow rates and allows for a tighter luer lock connection due to built-in exterior threading. No flexing and no needle pop-off. All of these properties combined create the least trauma upon injection, which means there’s no need for any painkiller at all. 
In summary, the soft suppleness of the filler, combined with an optimal extrusion force plus the sharpest of needles mean that KYSENSE® can be injected without the use of lidocaine. However, a good numbing cream is always recommended to reduce the sensation of the needle piercing the skin.

Overwhelming positive feedback

KYSENSE® is an innovative premium product that is set to become the leader in the dermal filler market.  One of the key objectives in the development of KYSENSE® was to create a clean product that would provide natural-looking results with high patient satisfaction over repeat treatments. According to an independent clinical study, 97% of the patients who tried KYSENSE® observed an aesthetic improvement in 95% of injected sites. Overall, patients enjoy leaving the clinic without feeling numbness or discomfort. 

Practitioners report a 100% satisfaction rate with KYSENSE®, as they enjoy using a product that is comfortable to use and engineered to minimise dilaceration and bruising, whilst maximising injection precision. Practitioners know that if they did want to make KYSENSE® injections even more comfortable, they can always opt for other pain management techniques such as ice, numbing cream or distraction using gate theory.

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